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IBA City from 2004

On 1st January 2010 Wanzleben, Seehausen and seven municipalities merged to the new city of Wanzleben-Börde.

Social cohesion disintegrates as ever-fewer people inhabit and use their city. Wanzleben is countering the trend with a new approach in family policy. Whilst facilities for the traditional family are being improved, perceptions about life in the community are being challenged: urban society as a social community, resembling the family. To implement the aim, the Local Family Pact was formed in 2009. It supports and links existing local social, cultural, and health and medical agents, and fosters a varied network of local activist groups. Offers for children, young people, and families are given particular support, whilst the former are being encouraged to engage with the community regeneration process. Housing is to be supplemented with added facilities for a wide variety of possible forms of family living.

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(Municipal Area 2010)
1989: 14.650
2009: 13.005
2025: 10.625 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 162,62 qkm

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