Partners and process

From 2002 to 2010, the IBA Office (IBA-Büro GbR) brought together a number of diverse parties to work on the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010. In doing so, new platforms and partnerships were generated and existing ones were further developed. These can continue to promote the themes, existing projects and unique working methods of the IBA in situ after the fiscal year 2010.

Through the Board of Trustees and the Steering Committee, the Federal Ministry of Regional Development and Transport integrated important stakeholders in the interdisciplinary urban redevelopment process. These include representatives from lobby groups, the state government, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, as well as external and international experts. These functioned as advisors, decision-makers and multipliers.

During each annual assessment, the members of the steering committee gained personal insight into the themes, working methods and projects of the IBA towns and cities. The tableau of protagonists active in the IBA’s 19 towns and cities shows a broad spectrum of participants and activists on a municipal level. The responsibility for the development and realisation of the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010 was assumed by numerous parties in the fields of politics and administration, by associations, societies and initiatives and by cultural and educational institutions, businesses, non-profit-organisations and local residents.

The City Network was established in 2002 as a comprehensive platform for the exchange of experience among the IBA towns and cities and between other municipalities in Saxony-Anhalt, which are part of the federal and federal state programme Urban Redevelopment East (Stadtumbau Ost).