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IBA City from 2005

Sangerhausen has a long tradition in mining and heavy industry. In view of a shrinking population and high vacancy rates, new ways of strengthening residential areas must be found. The specific qualities in each individual area were identified and subsequently enhanced by selective demolition, refurbishment, and new construction. Normally rivalrous institutions such as public housing authorities, public and private social service providers, utilities and waste management agencies were asked to cooperate with the aim of improving conditions in each target area. Residents are participating in the redevelopment of open space, the historic legacy of the Am Bergmann housing estate is being considered for its refurbishment, and services such as senior citizen rest home facilities and community centres are being redistributed more usefully.

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(Municipal Area of 2010)
1989: 43.823
2009: 30.399
2025: 22.368 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 207,64 qkm

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