Köthen (Anhalt)

Homoeopathy as a Developmental Force


IBA City from 2003

Köthen builds on its historic importance for the development of homoeopathy. The health-care industry is to become an image factor and a driving force for its economic and scientific development. After all, the Princes of Anhalt once consistently fostered education and science here, including Samuel Hahnemann’s research into homoeopathy. The Hahnemann Museum, the European Central Library for Homoeopathy and a distance-learning course in homoeopathy will turn the town into a supra-regional centre for homoeopathy. The use of homoeopathic principles in town planning was also investigated. To this end, an interdisciplinary working group of town planners and homoeopaths performed empirical tests in relation to concepts for the Ludwigstrasse area.

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(Municipal Area of 2010)
1989: 36.934
2009: 28.668
2025: 23.030 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 78,42 qkm

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