Bernburg (Saale)

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IBA City from 2005

Almost 20 per cent of secondary-level students left school without qualifications in 2003. Businesses are no longer able to fill vacancies with qualified personnel from local areas. Bernburg has established a new educational model for secondary schools to counter the trend. Until 2012, Bernburg’s three secondary schools will be merged into an all-day Campus Technicus facility, whose new building complex will invigorate the historic, old town centre. Together with educational experts, members of the business community, and statutory partners – as well as with the participation of parents and students – teachers have devised a new concept for more practical learning. One of Bernburg’s principal traditional educational facilities, its Music College, has been awarded new premises in the chateau.

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(Municipal Area of  2010)
1989: 47.761
2009: 36.029
2025: 27.265 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 113,45 qkm

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