Halle (Saale)

Balancing Act: Dual City


IBA city from 2003

In 1990, the approximately 1,200-year-old university town and the then 26-year-old modern socialist Neustadt (new town) were united as one city. Since then, Halle’s character has been one of a contradictory “double city”. While the old town is being renovated, the new town is troubled by substantial population decline, succeeded by high vacancy rates and widespread demolition. Nevertheless, both of these urban models make their individual contribution to Halle’s unmistakable character as a double city. Which legacies of modern urban development in the GDR era are worthy of protection as part of the town’s historic heritage, and which can or must be demolished? Along the Magistrale (a central axis that links the two halves of the city), there are seven projects where the coexistence of these two contrasting and contradictory urban models has been investigated and put forward for discussion by the IBA.

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(Municipal Area of 2010)
1989: 321.684
2009: 231.978
2025: 206.120 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 135,02 qkm