Lutherstadt Eisleben

Common responsibility – Redeveloping Luther’s Town


IBA City from 2003

In order to revive the old town of Eisleben as a place to live and work, the city is investing in the promotion of its historic legacy, including the houses where Luther was born and died, which are World Heritage sites. With the new planning tool (Conceptional Urban Redevelopment Plan with Integrated Monument Protection), a balancing act between the conservation and sacrifice of building substance is being ventured in the old town, which qualifies as an ensemble monument. The new Luther Trail is an identity-establishing element for this redevelopment. The Luther commemoration will thereby become the basis for the temporary conversion and staging of empty buildings and disused plots of land, borne by the organisation “Gemeinschaftswerk Lutherstadtumbau“, which includes as members municipal representatives, the Luther Memorials Foundation, external planners, monument conservationists, house owners and property owners.

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(Municipal Area of 2010)
1989: 35.374
2009: 25.988
2025: 19.342 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 143,81 qkm

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